We provide training on latest and fast growing technologies. Training is imparted by proffesionals in their respective fields with years of practical knowledge. We stress on practical learnin so that every trainee gets dedicated training systems and ample time for self-development.

Embedded Systems

Embedded systems training is provided with ARM Cortex M3 development boards and geniOS RealTimeOS. From basic embedded system programming to multi tasking programming and controlling various peripheral devices are covered in the training. Dedicated training systems are used so that students can get practical knowledge.

Android Application

Learn android app development from experienced professionals, using latest tools and devices. From basic "App" to advanced application development using various devices in the mobile device and linking the device to dabase or cloud.

Programming Fundamentals

Learn fundametals of programming languages like C, C++ and Java. This course is targeted at students undergoing graduate course.

For details please cantact: training@ingeni-systems.com