The Internet of Things (IoT) is the network of all electronics devices, accessible from existing Internet. This will enable anyone or any other device, connected to Internet, to access these connected IOT devices.

It will truly be a connected world where millions of these devices interacting with users or other devices. Also these devices will be generating huge amount of data which can be processed, stored and analyzed.


a framework for managing and utilizing IOT devices connecting to cloud service with secure commnunication protocols and the scalable service provided.

  • Devices commnicate using protocols like MQTT, COAP, HTTP.
  • Scalable data storage provided in cloud.
  • Event procesing and user notification service provided by the service.
  • Analytics can be used on the stored data.
  • Devices can be controlled as a result of event processing.


Because of the diverse hardware platforms and usage of the devices the way they connect to the internet can very widely. For resource constraint devices which can not support IP, a Gateway can work as an intermediarry device. Also the Gateway can translatro of verious communication ptotocols.

We provide a framework to support varius usages of IOT .

Device Connection Platform

Ingeni IOT platform for devices support resource contraint devices using RTOS and embedded Linux. Reference design for devices connecting directly to Internet or through a Gateway is provided. We have developed a Gateway hardware platform supporting all kind of wired and wireless communication. MQTT is used to communicate with cloud services.

Scalable Data Storage

Cloud based SQL and NoSQL database are used for storing data from the devices. The cloud based solution enbale scaling of the data base according to requirement.

Control and Notification

Based on user configured conditions/logic "Push Notification" or SMS are sent to the user. Also an user can control all it's registered devices from PC or mobiles.